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We are strongly inspired by many things related to Dubrovnik. This city of love, science and art is an endless inspiration for us.

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Arbotega is an original and trademarked name of Dubrovnik roots. Arboretum, the nature park in Trsteno, Apothecary – the second oldest pharmacy in Europe dating from 1317, Art Botega – the art of commerce, which has enabled Dubrovnik’s freedom and wealth for centuries. Our values of cherishing nature, professionalism and art are built into every product.
Natural cosmetics based on raw materials native to the areas of Dubrovnik and the Mediterranean is the foundation of our product, which is why we support the work of a locally-owned distillery in the village of Imotica.

By encouraging the collection and treatment of medicinal herbs we practice social responsibility. Following strict quality control in top laboratories, only the finest raw materials are incorporated into the end product.There are three product lines: Lokrum Sun, providing summer skin care, Arbotega Day and Night products that will make you look radiant on the streets of cities across the world, and Cvijeta Zuzoric Beauty, a unique luxury line dedicated to the most beautiful and the wisest woman in Dubrovnik.
The collaboration of the best designers, experts and laboratories in Croatia on developing our products continues the long tradition of pharmacy and medicine in Dubrovnik.

From the times of the second oldest pharmacy in Europe, we uphold the principle that customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Top Quality

Top Quality

Cosmetic products manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards
Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

Produced from raw ingredients originating from the Mediterranean and Dubrovnik area
Local Products

Local Products

Based on the Dubrovnik tradition - Dubrovnik is a city of love, art and science

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